Emergency Department

Fauquier Health Warrenton, Virginia ER

The Fauquier Health Emergency Department cares for patients in Warrenton who need emergency care and immediate medical attention. Our renovated and expanded ED facility is staffed and equipped to provide general emergency services, trauma care, pediatric care and radiography services— 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ED Minor Care unit is open every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The Emergency Department phone number is 316-4900. Please call 911 if you are having a medical emergency.

Chest Pain? Call 911!


Fauquier Hospital:
a Certified Primary Stroke Center
recognized by the Joint Commission.           

The Fauquier Hospital Emergency Department (ED) is a 33-bed unit that includes two state-of-the-art trauma suites and dedicated rooms for obstetrical and orthopedic patients. Last year over 32,000 patients came through our newly designed waiting room and triage area.

The level of care available ranges from advanced life-support measures to the treatment of minor illnesses, injuries and chronic medical conditions. Individuals with less serious health issues are moved directly to our Minor Care unit, which allows for quicker treatment and shorter wait times.

Patient Centered Features:
  • A ED-dedicated CT scanner, providing convenient access and quicker results for ED patients
  • Two state-of-the-art trauma suites that allow maximum use of space in the event of large-scale accidents or tragedies
  • Dedicated rooms for obstetrical and orthopedic patients
  • Two negative pressure rooms for potentially contagious patients that prevent the spread of infections
  • New technology that includes: a digital imaging system that allows physicians to view x-rays within seconds; voice recognition dictation system; an electronic patient tracking system, which allows hospital personnel to see and update the location and status of each patient from anywhere in the ED
  • Portable digital x-ray machines that can travel from room to room, for patient comfort and convenience
  • Streamlined admission procedures through bedside registration, clinical staff information white boards for patient
ED Team

Our team of emergency care physicians, certified nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, nurses and technicians treats approximately 33,000 patients per year. To better meet the needs of the expanding local population, we recently doubled the size of our ED by adding 13,000 square feet of space, and added many new features and upgrades to help improve the quality of the patient care experience. Among those features, we now offer patients bed-side registration to allow for quicker door-to-doctor wait times, and we offer private rooms to better accommodate the needs of our patients and their families.

At Fauquier Health, we hold a very special place in our hearts for the children who visit us for care and treatment. We believe all of our pediatric patients are VIPs. That’s why we have created the VIPeds program to address the special needs of children under the age of 18.

Hospitals can be scary, particularly for youngsters. We strive to create a child-friendly environment and to treat our young patients in a special manner to make their stay with us as comfortable and non-stressful as possible. From kid-friendly room décor to teddy bears and our tower of treats, we strive to make our children feel at home during those traumatic times when they really would rather be home. 

Recognizing that treating young patients is more involved than just modifying the room décor, staff training is a major component of our VIPeds program. Our pediatric staff receive ongoing training on topics such as medication dosing, pediatric safety devices, pediatric IV placement and care, age-based care, and triaging pediatric patients.  


A heliport, located adjacent to the ED, allows for rapid helicopter transport of critically ill or injured patients to the nearby major Trauma Center at Fairfax Hospital (Fairfax, VA). Other referral sites within close flight distance include Children’s National Medical Center, Georgetown University Hospital, Washington Hospital Center and George Washington University Hospital, all located in Washington, DC.


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